Kanye West: esta es su venganza contra Amber Rose

Kanye West: this is his revenge against Amber Rose

Kanye West: this is his revenge against Amber Rose

Fight with ex

wantedon 02/18/2015 | 10:18

Kanye West is not to be played with! After his ex Amber Rose criticized Kim Kardashian, the rapper is furious. He does not want to let the insults fall on him or his loved ones and is already planning a campaign of revenge …

Kanye West is angry

There is a great discussion on Twitter since the beginning of the year. Hub: Amber Rose, ex of Kanye West. The former stripper spreads hate speech against the Kardashian clan on Twitter and Instagram. Amber Rose began by talking about Kylie Jenner, 17, and her relationship with Tyga: “Tyga should be ashamed of what to do with a teenager. Kylie is a baby and must go to bed at 7pm! ”. So Khloe Kardashian came under her sights after defending her sister. After all, Kim Kardashian had to believe that too. – which Kanye West didn’t like at all.

Khloe Kardashian defended her sister Kylie Jenner by replying that Amber Rose had already become a stripper when she was 15 years old. This is why you shouldn’t worry about Kylie Jenner; after all, he has a career. Then Amber Rose made a mistake that angered Kanye West: she insulted Kim Kardashian as a “whore.” “If your sister-in-law attacks your ex because he’s a stripper, but your wife has a sextape”she tweeted. A tweet clearly directed at Kanye West. The rapper’s patience is now broken.Kanye West wants revenge on Amber Rose

Amber Rose started the Twitter dispute

On “Saturday Night Live,” Kanye West wants revenge on Amber Rose. “He wants to bring a fun and truth-based glide, Amber Rose thinks twice before offending him or his family“Explains a friend of the rapper to the gossip portal” HollywoodLife “. “It is very serious, and he would like nothing more than to destroy her and make her remove the short hair from her head.”

My God, that doesn’t sound good at all! Amber Rose unleashed Kanye West’s ire by insulting his wife on Twitter. We don’t want to be in their shoes now …

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