Karlie Kloss: "Así es como Taylor Swift y yo seguimos siendo buenos amigos"

Karlie Kloss: “This is how Taylor Swift and I remain good friends”

Karlie Kloss: "This is how Taylor Swift and I remain good friends"

Lucky coincidence

wantedthe 08/05/2015 | 12:46

Karlie Kloss is currently on the cover of the September issue of American magazine “Glamor.” In an interview with the magazine, the 23-year-old model revealed what moves her professionally and privately.

“Taylor and I met two years ago at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show,” Karlie Kloss recalled during the Glamor interview and recounted how she and Taylor Swift were reunited by model Lily Aldridge: “[Lily] He said, ‘Okay, you two are soul mates. How is it possible that my two American friends have never met? And this is how it all started! “As we have been able to experience for some time on all of your social media channels, this meeting turned out to be a lucky coincidence for the two, because Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift seem to have become an inseparable team. On Tuesday, Taylor sent her model friend a cute birthday greeting on Instagram in which she wrote below a photo of Karlie: “I have some of my best memories with this girl while we laugh in the kitchen.”

Best friends Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss on the Victoria’s Secret runway

Karlie Kloss doesn’t want to know anything about the fact that she and Taylor should be something special because of their double star power: “Our friendship is like yours and mine,” said the model very modestly. But how do Karlie and Taylor manage to maintain such close contact despite their successful and stressful careers? With a lot of effort, Karlie Kloss admitted: “A lot of my friends are constantly on the go, so they have to constantly take care of each other (write SMS, synchronize time) to maintain friendly closeness.”Karlie Kloss wants to go to school

Karlie Kloss also revealed that she plans to start as a student at New York University this fall: “I didn’t want to wait until I was 30 to continue my education and seek new challenges.” The ambitious 23-year-old doesn’t want to be satisfied with just concentrating on her modeling career: “It’s all just the beginning. I want to do it all at once “the pretty blonde said enthusiastically. But he also revealed that he is well aware of the scope of this plan: “Next year will be a balancing act, but how exciting!” So it seems that superwoman Karlie Kloss is not afraid of new challenges.

Good friends, education, and the willingness to work hard to achieve your goals – these are very sensible priorities! Karlie Kloss proves that the hype of the stars hasn’t gone to her head until now. Very nice!Image Source: Getty Images / Tim P. Whitby