Kate Bosworth descubre sus instintos maternos

Kate Bosworth discovers her maternal instincts

Kate Bosworth discovers her maternal instincts

Happy family

wantedon 07/30/2014 | 17:35

Kate Bosworth has been married to director Michael Polish for almost a year. It seems like a long time ago and the relationship is so strong that the dream partner thinks about family planning. Kate Bosworth gave an exclusive interview to “InStyle” magazine in which she openly reports on her new desire to have children.

Kate Bosworth is only 31 years old, but she is already thinking seriously about her own children. Her husband is just as “guilty” of the actress’s beautiful thoughts as her 16-year-old daughter Jasper, whom he brought into the marriage.

Kate Bosworth is in a panic, right?

Kate Bosworth got a glimpse of what it’s like to have children through her stepdaughter. the InStyle magazine said beauty knew it was going to be difficult, “but Michael and I will manage to find humor in it.” In addition, the star reveals in an interview, she and her husband are “already convinced that our children will do absolutely glorious things.”

Kate Bosworth feels like a mother through her stepdaughter

Not only good faith and a lot of hope make Kate Bosworth so optimistic and confident about her future, but also that she was already able to experience through her stepdaughter what everyday life can be with children. The 31-year-old is not fooling herself because she knows “it will be difficult,” explains “InStyle” in an interview. Although there are dangers of all kinds, fears and problems that children could bring, the daughter of her husband of 16 years has managed to appeal to the maternal instinct of Kate Bosworth. Despite all the fantasies, the actress does not want to act rash now, as she realistically sees having children. During the “InStyle” interview, the “Superman Returns” actress made one thing very clear: “The third time we ordered pizza when she was with us, I realized that I had to learn to cook, I wanted to take care of her. These maternal instincts were established. “ For Kate Bosworth, the responsibility she would have to assume for a child plays an important role.

Kate Bosworth proved how enjoyable being a mother can be through her stepdaughter. The Hollywood actress realistically estimates that not all that glitters is gold. Kate Bosworth’s sudden discovery of her mother’s instincts will no doubt suit her husband.

Image Source: Alberto E. Rodríguez / Getty Images