Kate Hudson conoce el secreto del fitness

Kate Hudson knows the secret of fitness

Kate Hudson knows the secret of fitness

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wantedon 01/26/2015 | 14:05

It’s no secret that the path to your dream figure is nearly impossible without sports. Kate Hudson is one of the few famous women who admits it too! Now he reveals how he manages to motivate himself for his workout every day. So maybe soon we will have a body like Kate Hudson’s …

A few weeks ago, Kate Hudson redeemed all women! She ended the old wives’ tale that you only need good genes, lots of water, and enough sleep to have a model body. Several prominent beauties stuck to this version when publicly asked about their recipe for a stunning body. Kate Hudson finally spoke the truth and made it very clear that it would not work without exercise and a low calorie diet. So far so good. But the bastard’s question still remains: how can you outsmart him?

Kate Hudson has fun training for her great body

In “The Chalkboard” magazine, Kate Hudson reveals the little tricks with which she never loses interest in the sport and can always re-motivate herself. The first and foremost thing is the right outfit. Kate Hudson is a co-founder of the “Fabletics” brand and only now has she really enjoyed the beautiful sportswear: “Now that I have my company, Fabletics, I love these things. I’m wearing shorts or leggings and one of our seamless sports bras. Also, a T-shirt with a cut in the back ”, describes the actress her style. For Kate Hudson, the right outfit is the first step to the perfect workout, but the right music is also a must.

Kate Hudson is on the right track

Maroon 5 and The Naked and Famous should never be missing from Kate Hudson’s playlist, but relaxation is also important to melt the fat. Kate Hudson opts for meditation and sauna sessions. To energize the body and support each workout, the nice blonde drinks green juices and eats a lot of protein. The road to dream measurements doesn’t sound that difficult, does it?

Great music, cool outfit, and a bit of relaxation, that’s all Kate Hudson needs to stay in shape all year long. It almost sounds like we can do it too, because if you have fun, everything will be fine!

Image Source: Getty Images / Jason Merritt