Kate Middleton: una revista australiana también imprime fotos de desnudos

Kate Middleton: an Australian magazine also prints nude photos

Kate Middleton: an Australian magazine also prints nude photos

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wantedon 02/19/2013 | 12:20

It appears that Kate Middleton is facing another nude scandal. After the bikini photos of the Duchess were published in Italy and the United States, an Australian magazine wanted to show the photos.

Poor Kate Middleton! It looks like the duchess may be spreading the photos she takes dressed only in bikini On the beach of the Caribbean island of Mustique show, not prevent.

After the Italian magazine “Chi” and the American newspaper “Star” printed the photos of pregnant Kate Middleton, they will soon be published in Australia. The women’s magazine “Woman’s Day” will likely introduce its readers to Kate Middleton’s royal tummy. For editor-in-chief Fiona Connolly, “it was not a difficult decision to bring the photos,” she told the “Herald Sun”. The pictures show Kate Middleton’s belly for the first time, and also completely naked. After last year’s nude scandal, in which topless photos of Kate Middleton made the world press, it is now the second time that the beautiful Duchess has been exposed in this way.Kate Middleton: Australian Document Justification

While Kate Middleton was photographed topless by a paparazzi on a private estate last year, the latest nude photos were taken by a tourist. Fiona Connolly justifies her decision to print the images. “Kate Middleton is on a public beach and she mingled with vacationers. There are other vacationers in the photos. It is a different situation than nude photos. [aus dem letzten Jahr], there is no photographer hidden in the bushes and she is not in a private villa. Kate looks great, fit and fabulous. She looks much better than the sick woman who came out of the hospital, so these photos should be celebrated even more, ”said the editor-in-chief. Fiona Connolly forgets in her statements that Kate Middleton did not approve the publication of the photos despite her better health and her dazzling appearance.

We find the statements of the editor-in-chief a bit strange, with which she justifies the publication of the photos of Kate Middleton. By deciding to print the images on your sheet, you are certainly not acting in the interest of the pregnant duchess, who is otherwise concerned about her privacy. Image source: © Bulls / News international