Kate Middleton y su bebé obtienen estacionamiento VIP frente al supermercado

Kate Middleton and her baby get VIP parking in front of the supermarket

Kate Middleton and her baby get VIP parking in front of the supermarket

In front of the supermarket

wantedon 07/12/2013 | 08:10

You have to be a duchess! Kate Middleton will be able to do without the stressful search for a parking space after the birth of her child, as the beautiful brunette has now received an exclusive VIP parking space in front of the supermarket of her trust.

Life as the future queen of England has its advantages: In addition to the most beautiful robes, numerous servants and exquisite food, Kate Middleton can now also get a VIP parking happy, right in front of your favorite supermarket. A special parking space for mothers and children has been created for pregnant Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton can rejoice – she has her own VIP parking lot!

So when the gorgeous expectant mom is on the hunt for inexpensive packs and baby jars from Pampers, Kate Middleton can drive to the supermarket she trusts and be absolutely stress free. park in your own private car park. The Asda supermarket in Llangefni, just around the corner from Kate Middleton and Prince William’s home in Anglesey, Wales, apparently wants to guarantee its royal customer the greatest possible comfort.

Kate Middleton: Your parking lot is causing a stirThe beautiful Duchess’s VIP parking lot is clearly marked with a woman, a man, and a child, all of whom wear a crown. Also, according to “Us Weekly” a royal guard standing by the parking lot – the perfect conditions for the next Kate Middleton purchase! “To celebrate the upcoming birth of Prince William and Kate’s baby, we decided, since the Llangefni store is their home, that we reserved a parking space especially for them,” explains the idea of ​​a supermarket spokeswoman. “Kate has been seen in the store several times, so we wanted to make her life a little easier.. We also wanted to do something different and special to celebrate the arrival, “Us Weekly” quotes the spokesperson. The private parking lot for Kate Middleton and her baby should already be well received by the shop’s customers: “It generated a lot of enthusiasm among customerswho, like us, are looking forward to the birth of the royal baby, “reveals store manager Peter Ellis, who proudly adds:”The Duchess of Cambridge has previously graced our business with her royal presence and we hope that adding your own parking space will draw you and your little prince or princess from Cambridge back to Asda. “

Will Kate Middleton drive to the supermarket with her baby soon? With such a customer-friendly treatment, the beautiful Duchess certainly won’t be buying her diapers anywhere else!

Image Credit: John Stillwell / WPA Pool / Getty Images