Kate Middleton y el príncipe George visitan a su bisabuelo

Kate Middleton and Prince George visit their great-grandfather

Kate Middleton and Prince George visit their great-grandfather

Family gathering

wantedon 09/18/2013 | 10:02

But it was about time: Prince Philip, the queen’s husband, finally had the opportunity to meet his first great-grandson. Prince William, Kate Middleton and their son, Prince George, traveled to Scotland so that the little heir to the throne can finally meet the last member of the Royal Family.

According to the Daily Mail, Prince William is said to have even chartered a private jet to get his son, Prince George and his wife Kate Middleton, safely to Scotland. There the first meeting of Prince George and Prince Philip was on the agenda. His great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, met Prince George weeks ago, but since Prince Philip was still in the hospital at the time, the royalty had to postpone family reunification.

Kate Middleton and Prince William took their George to live with their great-grandparents

As a source reported to the newspaper, the meeting with Kate Middleton and the little prince should have been something very special for Prince Philip. “It was an incredible moment for Philip. He longed to meet his great-grandson and have a united family “the insider knows what to say.

Kate Middleton: Will There Be A Portrait With Prince George Soon?

The meeting at Scottish Balmoral Castle should, if you can believe the “Daily Mail” insider information, not only serve to get acquainted: Apparently a new official portrait of the royal family is now being taken, featuring Kate Middleton and, of course, Prince George, the youngest member of the family. “Everyone is waiting for this photo to be taken,” reports the source, fueling speculation about the first photo of the English royal family, which will also feature Prince George. Royals have one week to take their picture, as long as Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince George spend it with their newly crowned great-grandparents in Scotland.

The whole royal family under one roof and Prince George right in the middle – we’d love to play mouse. Kate Middleton and her little George are sure to bring a breath of fresh air to the palace. We are looking forward to the family portrait with the little prince, and his mother’s elegant outfit!

Image source: gettyimages / WPA Pool