Kate Middleton y el príncipe William: vacaciones de amor en Escocia

Kate Middleton and Prince William: a love holiday in Scotland

Kate Middleton and Prince William: Scottish Love Vacation

Away from the hustle and bustle

wantedon October 31, 2014 | 10:41

Since last week, Kate Middleton has been in public again and completed three dates in a row. After all this hustle and bustle, the royal couple decided to take a little romantic break in Scotland, including Prince George!

After many difficult weeks in which Kate Middleton struggled with an extreme pregnancy illness, half the world wanted to know: When will we see the Duchess again in public? Last week the time had come: the future mom completed three appointments and showed that she is better again. To recover from the stress of the past few months, Kate Middleton and Prince William did the only right thing: they allowed themselves a well-deserved break!

Kate Middleton and Prince William take a private break

As reported by Us Weekly, Kate Middleton and Prince William have taken a plane to Aberdeen, where they will spend romantic days at Balmoral Castle, the queen’s private residence. As an insider for the magazine’s reports, the couple are excited about Scotland’s rural idyll: “They both love the outdoors and the weather isn’t too light at the moment so it’s the perfect time to go.” Kate Middleton and Prince William often travel to Aberdeen at the beginning of each New Year, and apparently now they seem to have preferred it due to their pregnancy.Kate Middleton and Prince William: Prince George travels too

Sick Kate Middleton should cope with the hour-long flight relatively well and Even for one-year-old Prince George, the route shouldn’t be a problem.. A source told Us Weekly: “It’s great that George is now the age he can travel.” The bundle of joy can use the break to get the attention of her parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William. get before your brother is born in April.Good for Kate Middleton and Prince William to have a private break where they can spend romantic hours together. Prince George will also be very happy that his mom has more time for him again after he had to stay in bed lately.

Image Source: Getty Images / WPA Pool