Kate Middleton y el príncipe William: ¿están planeando el bebé número dos?

Kate Middleton and Prince William: are they planning baby number two?

Kate Middleton and Prince William: are they planning baby number two?

Screaming child

wantedthe 07/09/2014 | 10:15

That Prince George should not remain an only child has always been clear to his parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William, even though their firstborn should not have been an easy boy.

Kate Middleton had stress with George

As an alleged insider from Kate Middleton and Prince William’s circle is said to have revealed to journalist Katie Nicholl, the young parents are determined to start working on a brother for Prince George soon. “There are rumors among her friends that they will try a second baby in summer“Said the source to the” Vanity Fair “reporter. And that, although Kate Middleton and Prince William do not seem to have had it easy, especially in the first months of their first-born life. According to the source’s information, Prince George was anything but gregarious. “In the first months, the little prince continued to scream deafeningly, and he never slept at night,” the source wants to know.

Kate Middleton couldn’t get enough of George

The biggest problem was that Kate Middleton just couldn’t get enough of her son. Apparently not even Jessie Webb, who helped young parents in the early months, had any advice. “He tried everything to get George used to a regular schedule, but he was still breastfed and was constantly hungry.

Kate Middleton had a hard time with George

It wasn’t until Kate switched to solid foods in the New Year that she finally slept through the night.The insider continued to report on the life of the royal family of Kate Middleton and Prince William. The fact that the little family had so many problems with their offspring was and can hardly be seen in public gatherings. Whether during your trip to Australia and New Zealand or at public charity polo matches: Kate Middleton and Prince William’s son always seems to be in a good mood! “Kate was very relieved that George was so good in public,” writes Katie Nicholl in her editorial for “Vanity Fair.”

Even their royal status doesn’t protect Kate Middleton and Prince William from what all young parents have to go through, even if both of them of course get a lot of support and help from different babysitters. We can hardly imagine that Prince George must be such a difficult child apart from the public, after all, the little bundle of joy shines in meetings with mom and dad and enchants the whole world. Image Credit: Chris Jackson – WPA Pool / Getty Images / Chris Jackson / Getty Images for La Martina