Kate Middleton y el príncipe William: ¡se revelan los apodos!

Kate Middleton and Prince William – Nicknames Revealed!

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wantedon 07/30/2013 | 07:43

The British royal family seems to be crazy about pet names. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s newborn royal baby already has a different name than George Alexander Louis.

Prince George Alexander Louis has only a few days when his proud grandfather, Prince Charles, already has the future King of England. given a nickname. But Kate Middleton and Prince William are also not treated as Duke and Duchess behind the palace doors.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have nicknames

The passion for pet names seems to have a true tradition in British royalty. Even Prince William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, has a cute nickname: the 87-year-old listens to “Lilibet.” And new parents Kate Middleton and Prince William weren’t spared when it came to nicknames. Of course, Kate Middleton’s baby is no exception.

Kate Middleton and Prince William – these are their nicknames!

The beautiful Duchess Kate Middleton gets along relatively well with her nickname. According to “Ok.de”, Prince William simply calls his wife “Poppet”, which means “treasure”.. Kate Middleton’s father-in-law was equally uncreative in choosing the nickname for his first grandchild. Prince Charles gave George Alexander Louis the name Georgie. His late ex-wife, Lady Diana, was a bit more creative: she called Prince William “Wombat” as a child after the Royal Family came into contact with the cute marsupials on a long trip to Australia.

Kate Middleton, Prince William and company appear to be a normal family behind the palace walls. If even Queen Elizabeth renounces her title and simply calls herself “Lilibet,” the hierarchies at Buckingham Palace appear flatter than expected.

Image Sources: Danny Lawson – WPA Pool / Getty Images