Kate Middleton: La vuelta al mundo con Baby George

Kate Middleton: Around the World with Baby George

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wantedon 09/25/2013 | 16:39

Prince George has traveled extensively with his mother Kate Middleton and his father, Prince William – royal descendants have already visited London, Bucklebury, Wales and Scotland. Now the first trip around the world is over …

Kate Middleton and Prince William will be in the near future different dates around the world perceive. Of course, Little Prince George is there too.

Kate Middleton will soon be flying down with Prince William and Prince George.

In his first nine weeks of life, Prince George has already seen a lot of the world: he was born in London and spent the first time with Kate Middleton’s parents in Bucklebury. He then went to Wales with his parents, and Prince George was also allowed to explore Scotland with his great-grandfather, Prince Philip. As the English newspaper “Daily Mirror” reports, The little heir to the throne will soon be on his first trip around the world – of course along with mom Kate Middleton and dad, Prince William.

Kate Middleton: Baby George’s passport has already been applied for

According to the “Mirror”, Kate Middleton and Prince William have already applied for a passport for Baby George. Prince William is said to have already revealed in August that the three royals will initially go to Australia and New Zealand. But travel arrangements aren’t just about applying for a passport. Young parents also had to obtain official permission from Queen Elizabeth II. Because, as the “Mirror” also reported, the royal protocol stipulates “that the heir to the throne and his successor cannot fly together in an airplane, for security reasons”. The Queen herself left Charles alone in England as a baby for some time. spending time with Prince Philip, who was then stationed in Malta with the Navy, but Kate Middleton is highly unlikely to break up with her cute son.

It seems that Prince George will soon begin his first great journey. Kate Middleton and Prince William have already arranged everything. We wish all three of you a good time in the southern hemisphere!

Image Credit: PAUL LEWIS / AFP / Getty Images