Kate Middleton: ¿nacimiento sin el príncipe William?

Kate Middleton: birth without Prince William?

Kate Middleton: birth without Prince William?

In the delivery room

wantedon 06/21/2013 | 06:45

Like any expectant mother, Kate Middleton will surely be excited about the birth of her first baby, but the obligations of her husband, Prince William, cloud the anticipation of the big day. Can’t he be by your side?

For months, the whole world has been waiting for the day when Kate Middleton (31) will be a mother for the first time. But on this day of all time, the beautiful Duchess Kate Middleton could be alone.

Kate Middleton and Prince William will soon be parents.

Instead of supporting Kate Middleton and holding her hand in the delivery room, Prince William could abandon his beautiful wife on the big day because the 30-year-old has real obligations. Will Kate Middleton have to do without Prince William at the hospital?

Kate Middleton: Prince William is in distant Wales

The due date is getting closer and closer, but now, of all time, Prince William is as a pilot in North Wales active and leaves his wife Kate Middleton, very pregnant, alone in far London, according to “Bunte.de”. Since there is only a few weeks to the calculated expiration date and babies like to be born earlier, Prince William could miss the birth of his first child with Kate Middleton. According to “People” magazine, however, Prince William would fly to London as soon as possible in this case. “Until then, it will be in use and all the levers will be pulled to bring it there,” reveals a source from the US magazine.

It’s a shame Prince William has to leave Kate Middleton alone now, of all time, because as you’ve seen with It-Girl Kim Kardashian, a baby can sometimes arrive faster than expected. If you do not arrive in time for the delivery, surely Mama Carole will hold the hand of her beautiful daughter.

Image Source: John Stillwell-Pool / Getty Images