Kate Middleton: Preocupación por el príncipe Harry

Kate Middleton: Concern for Prince Harry

Kate Middleton: Concern for Prince Harry

Lines of concern

wantedthe 07/07/2014 | 14:19

Prince Harry’s drinking is repeatedly dominating the headlines of the British royal family, and Kate Middleton and the rest of the British royal family are also deeply concerned about the 29-year-old. Does the prince of the party have to go to rehab soon?

Kate Middleton is very worried about Prince Harry. While her husband, Prince William, has left his public life behind without scandal, his younger brother Prince Harry kept drawing attention to himself – whether from heavy drinking, nude photos, or a questionable uniform. Up to a certain age, such behavior can still register as a sin of youth, but at some point it is important that you regain your reason. Because of this, Kate Middleton believes that Prince Harry should enter rehab soon.

Kate Middleton: Great Concern for Prince Harry

“Harry spent two days drinking in Slovakia before going to Brazil for more parties”, reports “OK!” in your current issue. This news is said to once again put the worry lines on Kate Middleton’s face and led her to believe that rehab would be inevitable for Prince Harry if he doesn’t slowly step on the brake pedal. Several attempts by Kate Middleton to persuade her brother-in-law failed, because he simply “does not want to see that he is sinking into the abyss.”

Kate Middleton fears Prince Harry will infect her brother

But her concern doesn’t just apply to Prince Harry: Kate Middleton fears the 29-year-old will infect his otherwise conscious brother with his drink. In June, the brothers are said to have served each other a lot of alcohol at a wedding party, according to a waiter present: “The bar was open all night and they ordered Bloody Marys, ten or eleven at a time. You were a hard worker. Harry had rum and coke and also ordered vodka. “Is your concern also the reason Kate Middleton is against Prince William and Prince Harry planning a men’s trip to Las Vegas?

Drinking alcohol from time to time on certain occasions is not a bad thing and shouldn’t be a cause for concern for Kate Middleton at the moment. However, as the mother of a one-year-old son, it is clear that she wants to prevent Prince William from becoming an alcoholic on a regular basis. So it’s only human that Kate Middleton set out to elevate Prince Harry from a party prince to a role model prince. We cross our fingers to make it work.Image Source: Getty Images / Chris Jackson