Kate Middleton: ¿quiere vivir en el campo?

Kate Middleton: Do you want to live in the country?

Kate Middleton: Do you want to live in the country?

Country lust

wantedon 06/24/2014 | 12:25

Renovation work at Kensington Palace was recently completed and Prince William, Kate Middleton, and little Prince George were able to move into the City Palace apartments. But now Kate Middleton already seems to be planning a move. Where should I go now?

Before Kate Middleton got together with Prince William, she was a true city girl. He loved to go out and conquer the city. But as a duchess and mother to a prince, priorities change and a life in the country suddenly seems much more dire to Kate Middleton. than a few years ago.

Kate Middleton wants Prince George to grow up in the country

On his 30th birthday, Prince William welcomed Queen Elizabeth from his grandmother. a beautiful property called Sandrigham Estate in Amner Hall in wild nature. According to insiders, Kate Middleton wants to move there as soon as possible to give her son, little Prince George, a quiet home away from the stressful royal hustle and bustle of the city.

Kate Middleton: Prince George should receive private tutoring

Kate Middleton and Prince William love country life. According to “International Business Times” the royal couple would like to spend their time together at home and enjoy family life. But Kate Middleton isn’t just interested in George growing up in the country. The 32-year-old also wants to prevent her offspring from attending a public school. Prince George would prefer to be tutored at home by private teachers.

Prince George can barely walk and Kate Middleton is already worried about his school education. It sounds a bit premature, but it is well known that children grow faster than you can see. Life in the country is advantageous for all children, but it is questionable whether they have to be private lessons. After all, dealing with peers is part of a child’s socialization. Will Kate Middleton’s wish come true and will moving boxes soon pile up in front of Kensington Palace? We are excited!

Image Source: Getty Images / Chris Jackson