Kate Middleton encanta con una tiara

Kate Middleton enchants with a tiara

Kate Middleton enchants with a tiara

Glamor time

Anne Lüftneron October 21, 2015 | 10:55

Actually, yesterday Buckingham Palace only tried to strengthen British-Chinese relations, but once again only one person stood out: Kate Middleton. In a beautiful red dress and sparkly tiara, she was the star of the night and almost let the business take a back seat.

What would the British royal family be without their figurehead Kate Middleton? She has been an integral part of British royalty since 2011. But even if the brunette quickly adapted to royal customs and has since been inspired by her positive charisma and incredible closeness to people, there are still situations for Kate Middleton that never experienced before.

Kate Middleton enchants with her tiara

Just that moment came yesterday, Tuesday, when Chinese President Xi Jinping paid his state visit to the UK. As “Spiegel Online” reports, the head of state drove to Buckingham Palace in a carriage, but the true highlight of his stay was yet to come. At the first state banquet for Kate Middleton, to which 130 guests were invited, the friendship between Britain and China should be strengthened and, of course, it was also about business in the billions. But the job was a long way off when the Duchess joined Prince William and Queen Elizabeth.

Kate Middleton wears a relic

Wherever the 33-year-old appears, looks are sure and yesterday no one could steal the show from her. In a gorgeous red dress by designer Jenny Packham, she was the most striking and prettier than Kate Middleton herself, only her tiara sparkled. As reported by “Us” magazine, the accessory originally belonged to Queen Mom, but now diamonds and pearls adorned the head of the mother of two children. Kate Middleton always knows how to put herself in the spotlight and surprise her counterpart; Faced with this vision, Xi Jinping is sure to be persuaded of one deal or the other.

We have always loved British royalty, but with Kate Middleton the family has gained a lot of charm and glamor. George and Charlotte’s mother brilliantly dominated their first state banquet. She smiled deftly to ward off any nervousness. We did not expect anything else.

Image Source: GettyImages / Dominic Lipinski