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Kate Middleton: fight with Prince William?

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Ulla breueron 03/15/2016 | 17:58

Kate Middleton and Prince William can always be seen smiling and they actually always seem very happy together. But the images of the service on Commonwealth Day are shocking: consequently, there appears to have been a dispute between the beautiful duchess and the heir to the throne.

British fans and citizens have never seen Kate Middleton and Prince William so cold. After the couple left Westminster Abbey on Commonwealth Day, photographers captured the tense and cold faces of the royal couple. At times, Kate and William even seemed to be clearly at a distance from each other, as the “Getty” photos show. Apparently, there was a need for discussion between the pair, something that apparently couldn’t wait to get back to their own four walls.

A public dispute? You don’t even know the 34-year-old and the 33-year-old. And still: judging by the images, Kate Middleton seemed to have started an argument with Prince William in the presence of guests, acolytes and the pastor. Particularly remarkable: her rigid and very serious look with which she gave her husband. Fortunately, however, the British heir to the throne was apparently able to reassure his beloved.

It’s not that bad?

A short time later, Kate Middleton appeared as always as a happy little person who laughed and tried to talk to the others present. Hopefully, the British style icon’s brief conversation with her husband, Prince William, was nothing serious. After all, the couple recently had to deal with a separation, as “Bunte” reported. Consequently, Thomas von Straubenzee, Princess Charlotte’s godfather, and his wife, Lady Melissa Percy, are facing divorce after a few years.

We hope the seemingly ugly moment between Kate Middleton and Prince William was an absolute exception. After all, what should we do when our dearest dream royal couple still falls in the end?

Image Source: Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images