Kate Middleton: ¿se va a Nueva York?

Kate Middleton: going to New York?

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wantedthe 11/11/2014 | 10:17

Now that Kate Middleton has overcome her acute pregnancy illness, she and her husband, Prince William, are eager to make travel plans. Apparently the royal couple plan to fly to New York before Christmas to introduce a new animal welfare organization. What about the plans?

Nothing has been officially announced yet, but both the Daily Mail and the Today show are true: Kate Middleton and Prince William will travel to New York in December to present a project therethat is very dear to their hearts. And the Duchess is said to be very excited because she is said to have never been to the Big Apple.

Kate Middleton and Prince William: Are they going to New York?

Kate Middleton and Prince William were last in the United States three years ago; They toured Los Angeles. The 32-year-old is said to have never been to New York, but has wanted to go there for years, according to the Daily Mail. Now his dreams finally seem to come true! Because in the next month Kate Middleton and Prince William will cross the pond to present the new animal welfare project “United for Wildlife”.

Kate Middleton: will Prince George fly to New York?

American fans of the British royal family would no doubt be even happier if Kate Middleton and Prince William took sweet Prince George with them. At the moment, however, it is not yet known if the one-year-old will be there. It wouldn’t be their first long-haul flight, because Joy Pack and her parents flew to Australia and New Zealand in April. If Kate Middleton and Prince William prefer to take it easy in New York, today Prince George can be cared for by his babysitter at home. Kate Middleton and Prince William currently have a few more dates to do in England. – on Remembrance Day last weekend, they were appropriately dressed in black to commemorate the fallen soldiers of the world wars.

We are pleased that Kate Middleton is finally able to enjoy her pregnancy to the fullest and we are curious if the royal couple will cross the pond in December. In pre-Christmas New York, shopping for Christmas presents would definitely be twice as fun!

Image Source: Getty Images / Matthew Horwood