Kate Middleton tiene el "Mama Glow"

Kate Middleton has the “Mama Glow”

Kate Middleton has the "Mama glow"

So beautifully pregnant

wantedon 11/28/2014 | 12:37

It has been known for about three months that Kate Middleton is expecting a second baby, and you can finally see how happy she is! On their last date, the 32-year-old really shone in her dress.

Kate Middleton in her last appearance

The slightly reddened cheeks, the slightly transfigured look and a radiant smile on the lips – Kate Middleton finally seems to be enjoying her pregnancy. After the duchess suffered severe nausea again for the first few months, it is clear that she is now better. Although there is still not much to see of a tummy around the fifth month, which Kate Middleton is in now roughly, but the 32-year-old seems to be consistently fine.

Kate Middleton is moved to tears

The last time Kate Middleton appeared was a few days ago in Norwich, where she, as a sponsor of “East Anglia Children’s Hospice,” asked for donations to be raised for a new children’s hospice.

Kate Middleton: No baby bump seen yet

In Katherine Hooker’s elegant red sheath dress, Kate Middleton made a completely compelling appearance. The expectant mom was moved to tears by the sad subject, but the “mommy glow” that Kate Middleton is now visibly sprinkling couldn’t be affected.

Kate Middleton can finally enjoy her pregnancy now that she has overcome the acute nausea. We are already waiting for the most beautiful appearances of the future mother!Image Source: Chris Jackson / Getty Images