Kate Middleton: su esteticista revela su secreto de belleza

Kate Middleton: her beautician reveals her beauty secret

Kate Middleton: her beautician reveals her beauty secret

Radiantly beautiful

wantedon 11/24/2014 | 10:19

Her complexion is always flawless, there is no trace of imperfections: how does Kate Middleton manage to always look perfectly styled and that there are no flaws on the 32-year-old’s face? Now her esthetician has revealed her beauty secret.

A little pimple here, a red spot there, a lump there, what woman doesn’t know? Kate Middleton seems to have gotten rid of all skin problems. But how does the duchess manage to always look so elegant? Even after the birth of Prince George, the sleepless nights every new mom has to go through were at least invisible to her skin. Kate Middleton just got lucky and blessed with flawless skin? Are you kidding? You mean it when you say that!

Kate Middleton swears by bee venom

The beautician, on whose skills Prince William’s beautiful wife has sworn for about three years, now chatted from the royal seamstress and reports that Kate Middleton also relies on certain products and creamsto always look radiant and beautiful.

Kate Middleton trusts naturalness

But it seems that it takes getting used to what Deborah Mitchell reported to the British newspaper “Hello”. Kate Middleton is said to have bee venom to thank for her beautiful skin. The expectant mother, like her mother-in-law Camilla Parker-Bowles, relies on the “bee venom mask,” which is supposed to have the effect of a “natural lifting,” says Mitchell. Still, the average consumer must admit that Kate Middlton is naturally blessed with pure skin. Mitchell continued: “Kate is beautiful and a very calm person. She is so cute and has almost no blemishes. I have also seen Kate and William together, they are just wonderful! “In addition to bee venom, Kate Middleton also uses” Age Defiance Cream “and” Silk Skin BB Cream, “revealed the Duchess.If you only need bee venom to have skin as beautiful as Kate Middleton’s, then we don’t care about bee stings anymore… The products that Deborah Mitchell recommended in an interview are guaranteed to be beauty bestsellers.Image Credit: Matthew Horwood / Getty Images