Kate Middleton: Su familia está de visita de estado

Kate Middleton: Her family is on a state visit

Happy family

wantedthe 04/07/2014 | 13:09

Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince George have long planned their three-week trip to Australia and New Zealand. Now the time has finally come and the royal family has landed in New Zealand. Not only Prince George enchanted those present, but also Kate Middleton in a charming red coat.

The trip was highly anticipated: now Kate Middleton, Prince George and Prince William have arrived in New Zealand. Despite the rain, the young mother shone in the matching red coat and brooch, which of course comes from Queen Elizabeth’s prized jewelry. Prince George, on the other hand, seemed a bit unsatisfied on his mother Kate Middleton’s arm and pouted heartbreakingly sweet – It is not surprising, because the heir to the throne is not yet aware of this enormous media interest. For him it is the first official trip abroad.

Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince George were greeted by New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, but Prince George had to go to the hotel with his new nanny; the weather was too stormy that day. However, a traditional Maori dance was performed for Kate Middleton and her husband, Prince William, the indigenous people of the island nation. 35 local Maori danced for the royal family and then greeted them not with a handshake, but with a “Hongi,” in which noses were pressed together.

Kate Middleton and her family have a busy schedule

The next three weeks are sure to be very exciting for Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince George. Finally there are 45 dates and 13 places to visit in the program. Kate Middleton and Prince William also meet ten other young couples who are new parents. Advice and experiences are exchanged and the babies, including Prince George, are introduced to the other parents.

Long awaited, now Kate Middleton and her cute family have finally arrived in New Zealand. We are excited to see how Prince George will fare on his first trip abroad and we are already looking forward to seeing more photos of the royal bundle of joy.

Image Credit: Chris Jackson / Getty Images, Marty Melville / AFP / Getty Images