Kate Middleton: rock indie y ritmos de conducción en la sala de partos

Kate Middleton: indie rock and delivery room driving beats

Kate Middleton: indie rock and driving rhythms in the delivery room

Heartbeat in the delivery room

wantedon 02/07/2013 | 10:09

What do the folk rockers of “Of Monsters and Men”, the Hawaiian Bruno Mars and the British electronic DJ Calvin Harris have in common? Obviously very little. The solution to the puzzle: Kate Middleton tries to calm down with her songs in the delivery room during the next delivery.

While all the British people can hardly wait for the birth of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s first child, the future mother is getting off to a slow start. to stir the nerves. After all, it is the first birth of the beautiful duchess.

Kate Middleton creates a good mood in the delivery room

To create some good humor and distraction in the delivery room, Kate Middleton has not only brought the female power of the family in the form of Mama Carole and her sister Pippa Middleton by her side, according to a royal family confidant, the correct sounds are also well cared for. : Kate Middleton to bring her own iPod to the hospital. “Kate has downloaded music from Calvin Harris, Bruno Mars and Of Monsters and Men,” he revealed to “OK!” Magazine.

Kate Middleton: Calvin or Bruno?

Not much is known about Kate Middleton’s musical tastes, but the wild mix of them soft melodies, hard hits Y rocking guitar sounds however, it gives rise to astonished faces in aristocratic circles. Here one expected a mixture of classical music, chansons and ballads. But Kate Middleton is just one modern woman with will and taste of her own. Not only when it comes to raising babies, the 31-year-old prefers the modern and unconventional, Kate Middleton’s taste in music also shows these influences.

It could have been worse for obstetricians, doctors and the like. Rammstein’s hard riffs, for example, can certainly be pressed well. But that would be too good for a royal lady like Kate Middleton.

Image Source: Chris Jackson / Getty Images