Kate Middleton es una fanática de la navegación

Kate Middleton is a sailing fanatic

Kate Middleton is a sailing fanatic

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The 32-year-old has repeatedly shown that Kate Middleton is incredibly athletic. Whether in hockey or volleyball, the Duchess has a good figure in all sports. The heart of the Briton seems to be beating for another sport above all: during a visit to the British America’s Cup team, Kate Middleton was an avid sailing fanatic.

Last Tuesday, Kate Middleton had a very special appointment on the calendar, for which the royal beauty liked to take a little more time. After all, the Duchess of Cambridge was able to satisfy her passion for sailing during her aerial visit to the America’s Cup team in London. It was therefore not surprising that Kate Middleton quickly had an intense conversation with the boating professionals present. “He comes from a family of sailors and loves to sail,” revealed Lord Michael Grade to “People” magazine.

Kate Middleton is passionate about sailing.

Although Kate Middleton, the wife of a British heir to the throne, is rarely able to glide the seas, she is still dominated by the boating fever. “You can see that she always liked it. His face just glows when he talks about it. You can see that she has a great passion for the way her eyes light up ”, reveals Grade on the matter of Kate Middleton’s heart.

Kate Middleton: Will You Pass Your Passion On To Prince George?

In the future, Kate Middleton might as well go out to sea on a sailboat. After all, during his visit, none other than four-time Olympic sailing champion Ben Ainslie offered to teach his son George how to sail. But from the young mother’s point of view, it is still too early. “The Duchess was very excited, but this will not happen in the next few years, maybe when she is 7 or 8 years old.”Ainslie reported to People magazine after speaking with Kate Middleton.

Perhaps Kate Middleton will find some time on her summer vacation to get on a sailboat with her loved ones and acquaint Prince George with the subject. Otherwise, the little one will get seasick during his first boating lesson in a few years …Image Source: © Getty Images / Chris Jackson