Kate Middleton se conmueve hasta las lágrimas

Kate Middleton is moved to tears

Kate Middleton is moved to tears

Feelings of motherhood?

wantedon 02/20/2015 | 16:54

It won’t be long before Kate Middleton can finally hold her second child in her arms – the birth of the royal offspring is planned for April. But apparently Kate Middleton already feels motherly. While visiting a charity near Birmingham, the 33-year-old struck up conversation with other mothers and couldn’t hold back tears from many stories.

In recent years, royal beauty has made it clear time and again that the well-being of children and their parents is important to Kate Middleton. Not surprisingly, Prince William’s wife is the sponsor of the charity “Action for Children”, which supports children and their families in need through no fault of their own. Last Wednesday, Kate Middleton traveled to the small town of Smethwick near Birmingham to see the Cape Hill Children’s Center.It came about with the help of the charity. However, completely unexpectedly, the flying visit turned into a moving moment that made the expectant mother cry.

Kate Middleton is deeply moved

According to a report in “People” magazine, 33-year-old Michelle Griffiths, who suffers from Brugada syndrome, a rare inherited disease, was primarily responsible for this. Among other things, this disease greatly increases the risk of a heart attack, which is why the young mother had to be resuscitated several times – a life story that Kate Middleton clearly took with her. “I told her about the things my kids have to do sometimes and how I felt like I had stolen their childhood. But my daughter doesn’t see it that way, “Michelle Griffiths told” People. ” However, Kate Middleton was deeply moved by the story. “He had to swallow and I had to give him a tissue.”

Kate Middleton accumulates sympathy points

Kate Middleton touched many hearts in Smethwick with her emotional sympathy. For Sir Tony Hawkhead, president of the organization “Action for Children”, the sympathy of the beautiful Duchess is no surprise. “She is a young mother who talks to other mothers and shares her experiences. There is a kind of nurturing bond – and yes, at first glance they come from very different backgrounds, but she has spoken with some mothers that we help a lot who are struggling with misfortunes such as painful losses, domestic violence or serious illnesses. ” , Hawkhead reported on Kate Middleton’s visit.

Kate Middleton is royalty you can touch – the British beauty proves it in almost every public appearance. This time, too, the 33-year-old was able to garner a lot of sympathy points, but that was probably of secondary importance after the emotional visit to Smethwick.Image Source: © Getty Images / Eddie Mulholland