Kate Middleton no es la noble más elegante

Kate Middleton is not the most elegant nobleman

Kate Middleton is not the most elegant nobleman

Most elegant woman

wantedon 01/14/2014 | 15:19

Since her wedding to Prince William in 2011 at the latest, Kate Middleton has had fans around the world. Especially with her modern look, the 32-year-old has been able to convince her followers in recent years. But now the Duchess of Cambridge’s fashion throne seems to have shaken. When the magazine “Hello!” Voted the most elegant woman in the world, Kate Middleton no longer reached pole position.

In her public appearances, Kate Middleton regularly impresses with modern and, at the same time, often particularly inexpensive looks. Before long, Prince William’s wife makes sure the boxes are ringing over and over with the respective designers when choosing her clothes. But this nimbus seems to be slowly losing Kate Middleton. Readers of the magazine “Hello!” They no longer see real beauty as the most elegant woman in the world.

Kate Middleton says goodbye to fashion throne

Instead, readers only placed Kate Middleton in third place in a current poll. Only 22 percent of the participants saw British women as their current style role model. Especially bitter for Kate Middleton: even in aristocratic circles, she is no longer ahead. A royal colleague, of all people, secured her spot in the sun with 55 percent of the vote.

Kate Middleton has to give way to another noblewoman

In place of Kate Middleton, who was expected in this role, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark can now look forward to victory. This means that the 41-year-old is the new benchmark for “Hello!” When it comes to elegance. British actress Olivia Newton-John took second place and therefore also ahead of Kate Middleton. But it was worse for the duchess. In another magazine poll looking for the sexiest woman of the year, Kate Middleton didn’t even make the top 3. Swedish Princess Madeleine won ahead of newly crowned Golden Globe winners Jennifer Lawrence and Diane Kruger.

Isn’t Kate Middleton the unbeatable style model of yesteryear? The sales figures for the clothes you wear speak a different language. Perhaps the readers of “Hello!” They just wanted to give other women in the world a chance.Image Source: © Getty Images / Chris Jackson