Kate Middleton: ¿finalmente va?

Kate Middleton: is she finally going?

The great wait

wantedon 07/20/2013 | 13:13

For weeks, the entire world has been waiting impatiently for Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William, to give birth to the next British heir to the throne or the next British heir to the throne. Now there is growing evidence that the Duchess of Cambridge has gone into labor.

When will Kate Middleton and Prince William finally become parents? This question has concerned not only British royalty, but the rest of the world as well since the official date of birth passed on July 13.

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth are expecting the baby

As reported by “E! News ”, Kate Middleton should finally be ready! A reference to this is said to have been provided by none other than Queen Elizabeth herself when she suddenly and in great haste left a cricket match taking place yesterday in London. Hollywood Life speculated that Kate Middleton went into labor and that Queen Elizabeth, when she found out, ran to the mother-to-be’s side.Kate Middleton: is she really in labor?

On the part of the royal palace there were so far there is no confirmation that Kate Middleton is about to give birth, which is not unusual, however, as there is only supposed to be a declaration as soon as the little prince or princess has seen the light of day. Like everyone else, they can also Queen Elizabeth herself can hardly wait for the big event. – although for more pragmatic reasons. “I really want it to happen fast, because I’m going on vacation, but there are no signs yet,” Queen Elizabeth said a few days ago about the situation with her grandson Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton.

Even if we don’t plan to go on vacation anytime soon like Queen Elizabeth, we can’t wait to welcome the baby of Kate Middleton and Prince William into the world. For now, however, there is still a wait …

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