Kate Middleton: ¿está presionada por la reina?

Kate Middleton: is she pressured by the queen?

Under pressure?

wantedthe 02/11/2014 | 16:47

When Kate Middleton went on three dates in a row two weeks ago for the first time after announcing her pregnancy, fans around the world were happy that the mom-to-be was better again. But was this really the case, or did Kate Middleton just bow to pressure from the Queen?

After months of being out of the public eye, Kate Middleton appeared on three dates two weeks ago alongside her husband, Prince William. Even if you have apparently survived the bad period of the pregnancy disease, you should not be one hundred percent fit. Thus, the question arises: Does Kate Middleton really voluntarily return to her royal duties or Above all, does he bow to the strict Queen’s orders?

Will Kate Middleton be pressured by the queen?

It is well known that the Queen demands a certain sense of duty from all members of the royal family. After all, the country to be ruled and the tasks associated with it come first for the 88-year-old monarch. Even if the queen knows that Kate Middleton has been very unwell in recent weeks, her understanding for the mother-to-be has apparently come to an end: According to “Life & Style,” the 32-year-old should appear regularly in public appearances at the future. The bright side of Prince William.

Kate Middleton: Does pressure make you so skinny?

When looking at Kate Middleton, who should now be around the third month of pregnancy, you can tell that she looks quite slim based on her circumstances. It is said that the Duchess weighed six kilos less. Prince William is also said to be worried about his wife and, to the benefit of Kate Middleton, he also accepted a family quarrel with his grandmother.

Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince George are taking a break from the hustle and bustle of Scotland. We hope that the little family can recharge their batteries during their vacations in order to withstand the pressure of the Queen. Fortunately, Kate Middleton can always count on her husband.

Image Sources: Getty Images / AFP / Justin Tallis