Kate Middleton: menú de lujo en el hospital

Kate Middleton: luxury menu at the hospital

Kate Middleton: luxury menu at the hospital

At the hospital

wantedthe 07/11/2013 | 10:23

The hours until the birth of the first child of Kate Middleton and Prince William are numbered. To make the hospital stay as bearable as possible for the expectant mom, a princely menu is available!

If it were up to the British, things could start at any moment! The journalists have already positioned themselves in front of St. Mary’s Hospital in London and the due date for the first baby of Kate Middleton and Prince William is in two days. But so far nothing has happened!

Kate Middleton gets a princely meal

Prince William will compete in a charity polo tournament next Sunday and Kate Middleton hasn’t even checked in at the hospital yet. And that although at St. Mary’s Hospital in the London Borough of Paddington, where her husband, Prince William was born, one princely treatment waiting for the duchess. Especially when it comes to exquisite culinary delights, the hospital is well prepared for royal patient Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton will dine regally

Does Kate Middleton know what to expect at St. Mary’s Hospital? If the expectant mother is hungry, there is a great selection of soups, salads and many other delicacies from the “Light Bites Menu” available. In the event that hunger grows, Kate Middleton does not have to do without the exquisite dishes she is used to in the hospital. The St. Mary’s offers its patients exclusive to know 3 course menu on it with Mediterranean chicken and lamb chops Start. Those with a sweet tooth also get their money’s worth – a variety pie, Fruit trays and finally another Selection of cheeses they are available to Kate Middleton at St. Mary’s Hospital.

We cannot understand that Kate Middleton has not yet signed up with such a princely menu. Well, at home your menu will probably be just as delicious. You have to be real …Image Source: LEON NEAL / AFP / Getty Images