Kate Middleton se perdió la caza del faisán real

Kate Middleton missed the royal pheasant hunt

Royal pheasant hunting

wantedon 12/30/2014 | 10:46

Not only members of the royal family were invited to the traditional pheasant hunt at Sandringham Castle on December 26, but also Kate Middleton’s parents and siblings. But where was the duchess herself?

Every year on December 26, Prince Philip invites Queen Elizabeth’s husband out for a traditional pheasant hunt on his estate in Sandringham, Norfolk.. In recent years, the previously strict rules have been relaxed a bit, so the Middletons were invited back to the actual event. But the most important member of the family shone through his absence. Why did Kate Middleton stay away from pheasant hunting?

Kate Middleton apparently had no desire to hunt pheasants.

Driven pheasant hunting is a tradition in England. While it may seem outdated, pheasant hunting is a popular hobby for many British noble families. The Windsors also invite you on such an animal hunt every year; the guests should feel honored. But Kate Middleton doesn’t seem to think much of this activity; She preferred to stay away from pheasant hunting on Boxing Day and instead stay with Prince George on his own property, Anm Hall.

Kate Middleton: why wasn’t she there?

The reasons for the Duchess’s absence are unknown. One can only speculate about it. On the one hand, it might seem inappropriate to chase defenseless birds and then shoot them, on the other hand, Kate Middleton simply might not have felt particularly comfortable, which can happen with a five-month pregnancy. Whatever the reasons the 32-year-old had, by the afternoon she seems to have overcome them: according to the Daily Mail, Kate Middleton joined the rest of the family for tea.We do not find it tragic that Kate Middleton likes traditional pheasant hunting, after all, everyone should decide for themselves whether they want to support this activity or not. The Duchess must have had a great time alone with Prince George.

Image Source: Getty Images / AFP / Paul Ellis