Kate Middleton ya no esconde su panza

Kate Middleton no longer hides her belly

Kate Middleton no longer hides her belly

So beautifully pregnant

wantedon 02/19/2015 | 09:59

Kate Middleton is known for her trendy pregnancy styles, but for her second pregnancy, they have been limited to thick coats so far. On a date Wednesday yesterday, the beautiful Duchess finally showed herself again in the dress, and her sweet little belly can no longer be overlooked!

Kate Middleton shows her belly

Whether in Max Mara’s white robe, Sportmax’s light blue or light gray noble look, Kate Middleton always cares about elegant clothing, but among the many certainly beautiful coats that the Duchess likes to wear to appearances public was her belly. always pretty well hidden so far. Yesterday Kate Middleton finally showed up again without one of her coats and lo and behold: The baby bump can no longer be overlooked! The 33-year-old expectant mother showed up in an airy flowered dress at Cape Hill Children’s Center in Smethwick, beaming beamingly happy and content.

Kate Middleton shows what she has

Kate Middleton is visibly pregnant

While Kate Middleton hid her tummy under a stylish Sportmax coat on their first date Wednesday, She proudly showed on their second date that the baby seems to be growing far below her heart.. In about two months, Kate Middleton and Prince William will be parents for the second time and, judging by the sweet ball, the unborn baby is fine. Kate Middleton is such a beautiful pregnant woman! We’d love to see more of that! Her coat collection shouldn’t be looked down on either, but we’re glad when the Duchess takes a look at her belly!Image Source: Eddie Mulholland – WPA Pool Getty Images