Kate Middleton: ¿ya no tiene amigos?

Kate Middleton: no more friends?

Kate Middleton: No more friends?

Abandoned friends

wantedon 08/19/2013 | 08:20

As a new mother, Kate Middleton should be delighted, but the British Duchess currently feels absolutely lonely and is even said to cry a lot.

Prince William made Kate Middleton one of the most famous women in the world through the wedding of his dreams in April 2011, and apparently one of the loneliest too, because Kate Middleton gave up many friendships for Prince William.

Kate Middleton is often lonely.

Kate Middleton seems to miss her old friends more than ever. According to “Showbizspy,” Little Prince George’s New Mom Is Often Lonely. Even Kate Middleton is said to be overwhelmed by tears over and over again, and these are only partially tears of joy, it is said.

Kate Middleton cries of loneliness

When Kate Middleton walked down the aisle with Prince William two years ago, things changed in the lives of beautiful brunettes. Among other things, the bourgeois bride had to break some contacts. “She had to give up many of her friends when she married William“,” Showbizspy “quoted a source. And it is said that royal protocol made it difficult for Kate Middleton to make new friends. Additionally, Prince William recently left his wife and baby alone in Bucklebury while returning to Wales to work as a helicopter pilot. Too much for the new mom! “Kate feels lonely … sometimes she cries. Partly out of joy, because it establishes a connection with George, but also out of loneliness, ”continues the Duchess’s lover.

Fortunately, Kate Middleton and Prince William are currently reunited. The beautiful new mom followed her husband to Wales a few days ago and she shouldn’t be so lonely anymore. Hopefully Kate Middleton’s tears are now just tears of joy!

Image Source: Arthur Edwards – WPA Pool / Getty Images