Kate Middleton: Regalos de broma para Navidad

Kate Middleton: Prank Gifts for Christmas

Kate Middleton: Prank Gifts for Christmas

Royal tradition

Jewelry or even a fancy car for Christmas? That doesn’t come under the royal family tree around Kate Middleton! British royals prefer to celebrate the festival in their own way, with strange joke gifts.

“Crazy and weird, they love it,” Darren McGrady tells People magazine about Kate Middleton’s in-laws. After all, Princess Diana’s former chef was there multiple times when Prince Harry, Prince William and company celebrated Christmas, and the Duchess of Cambridge apparently can’t help this custom either.

As the newspaper reports, she does her best to keep up with the joke gifts. Even the master of the trade, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton apparently has precisely in view, with success. According to author Katie Nicholl (“Kate: The Future Queen”), she has already gifted him a “Grow Your Own Girlfriend” set. It’s not a bad start, but does Prince William’s girlfriend dare to do what her brother-in-law dared to do to the queen?

The worse the better

According to the “Daily Express”, Prince Harry has already gifted his grandmother an “Ain’t Life a Bitch” bathing cap in recent years, loosely translated into German: “Life is not a picnic”. As for the hat, which, according to The Guardian, Kate Middleton once adored her husband and the handmade bait to fish for Prince Philip, there is certainly room for her to climb. The white leather toilet seat that Princess Anne put under the Christmas tree for her brother Prince Charles, according to royal biographer Brian Hoey, could also serve as a landmark.

So it remains to be seen what Kate Middleton will give to her loved ones for Christmas this year. And even if the royal family barely blurts out about their party at Sandringham Castle, we may find out sooner. We are excited!

Image Credit: Getty Images / WPA Pool / Chris Jackson