Kate Middleton: secretos privados sobre la duquesa

Kate Middleton: private secrets about the Duchess


wantedon 03/30/2015 | 10:30

It’s no secret that Kate Middleton enjoys fashion. His charity work is also close to the heart of Prince William’s wife. But there are a few other things Kate Middleton is interested in. A Swedish magazine has just revealed it.

Kate Middleton is constantly praised for being realistic. Despite a thick royal wallet, the 33-year-old always relies on clothes from cheaper fashion brands. And the soon-to-be twice-mother has no reservations about contact with the British people either. Not for nothing is one of the most popular members of royalty. But what occupations does Kate Middleton pursue in her private life? The Swedish tabloid “Svensk Damtidning” found out.

Kate Middleton has many hobbies

Prince William and Prince George are very lucky, because Kate Middleton’s great hobby is supposed to be cooking jam and jelly, in large quantities. A delicious variety is always on offer at Kensington Palace! The future mother of two’s passion went so far that she is said to have thought of opening a small bakery together with her brother James before her wedding to Prince William in 2011. Too bad this plan was not put into practice. But Kate Middleton is not only a queen of the traffic jam, she also has a talent for photography. The photos on the mail website from her parents’ party are said to be of their eldest daughter. To earn money, Kate Middleton is said to have worked as a web designer for some time, according to “Svensk Damtidning.”

Kate Middleton: drinking Prince William under the table?

But the Swedish women’s magazine reveals more information about Kate Middleton’s private life. The 33-year-old is said to be highly drinkable and still appears to be sober even when drunk. Is that why a pub in Windsor, Berkshire county “called her place” The Duchess of Camebridge “? The final secret is the cutest because it involves the nicknames that Prince William and Kate Middleton give each other. The heir to the throne is affectionately known as “Big Willie” by Kate, while he supposedly calls his wife “Babykins.” If that doesn’t lead to a collective “Ohhhhh” …Fashion expert, jam cook, amateur photographer, combat drinker, and then loving mother and wife – Kate Middleton has many facets, and Prince William probably loves them all. Soon the duchess will find little time for her hobbies, because in a few weeks baby number two will be born!

Image Source: Getty Images / Chris Jackson