Kate Middleton revela los apodos de la reina

Kate Middleton reveals the queen’s nicknames

Kate Middleton reveals the queen's nicknames

Family ties

Meike Leyerleon 03/20/2016 | 12:48

Not for the rigorous minutes of the court: Kate Middleton now shares private details of her children’s lives with the Queen in a television documentary. Consequently, Prince George has a special nickname for his great-grandmother …

Of course, Prince George does not have to address the Queen with “His Royal Highness”! Instead, the little boy calls his great-grandmother “Gan-Gan,” as mother Kate Middleton now revealed to a television crew, according to the “Daily Mail.” The nickname is derived from great-grandmother (great-grandmother), apparently Prince George is still a bit difficult with the pronunciation of this rather awkward word. On the occasion of the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II on April 21, the documentary “Our Queen at Ninety” is currently being shot, which aims to give an insight into the life of the British head of state.

Kate Middleton speaks from the royal seamstress

And this is particularly warm when it comes to your great-grandchildren. Because Kate Middleton revealed even more details about living with the Queen. The monarch continues to leave small gifts for Prince George and Princess Charlotte when the family visits Buckingham Palace. “I think that shows her love for the family,” Kate Middleton said of the queen’s family behavior.

Kate Middleton praises the Queen

Not only does Queen Elizabeth appear to have a warm relationship with her great-grandchildren, Kate Middleton herself has apparently also earned a place in the monarch’s heart. Kate Middleton’s first appearance with the queen, who was supposed to dominate without Prince William, is particularly memorable: “She really has a big heart. I think she guided me carefully. The fact that she took the time to make sure I was satisfied, and that she took care of me, shows how caring she is, ”the Duchess of Cambridge is quoted.

Even if the queen likes to appear tough on the outside, her (large) family seems to be very close to the queen’s heart. Whether it’s Kate Middleton or her little great-grandchildren, they all seem very important to Queen Elizabeth. Comforting!

Image source: gettyimages / Matt Dunham