Kate Middleton parece estar mejor

Kate Middleton seems better


wantedthe 10/11/2014 | 10:40

Kate Middleton has not been seen in public since she announced her second pregnancy after baby George. As with her first pregnancy, she suffers from massive nausea, which is why she can no longer attend public appointments and other royal duties. But now Kate Middleton seems to be better. A first appearance is scheduled for the end of October, according to “US Weekly.”

Kate Middleton spent the last few weeks with her family in Bucklebury, where she was able to dedicate herself entirely to caring for her parents. But now he should be on the mend. Even a first public appearance is apparently already planned. According to a Kensington Palace spokesperson, Kate Middleton and Prince William plan to greet the President of Singapore and his wife on October 21 at the Royal Garden Hotel in London on behalf of the queen. This will be the Duchess’s first public appearance since her pregnancy was announced.

Kate Middleton will soon resume her royal duties

Her health has forced Kate Middleton to cancel several royal dates in recent weeks, including her planned trip to Malta late last month, which would have been her first state visit. He also had to cancel his visit to Portsmouth, which was scheduled for next Monday. A source at Kensington Palace told US Weekly that Kate Middleton’s severe nausea caught everyone by surprise.: “Fortunately the baby is fine and she is doing everything possible to stay healthy.”

Kate Middleton just needs a little break

In a letter, Kate Middleton apologized for the art project “The Art Room”, of which she is a sponsor and where she wanted to celebrate the opening on October 1: “I am so sorry that I cannot be with you today to celebrate this milestone. As a sponsor of the Art Room, I am proud that the charity is underway. ” But here too Kate Middleton is not only a duchess, but above all a mother: “Children at risk thrive in the safe haven of the ‘Art Room,’ which underscores the importance of supporting children when they need help most.”

We hope Kate Middleton gets better soon and that her nausea will ease soon. No doubt her parents and Prince William will take good care of her. It will be exciting to see if Kate Middleton actually makes it to her first date. Maybe then we can take a look at her tummy?

Image Source: Getty Images / Stuart C. Wilson