Kate Middleton muestra estilo en el boxeo

Kate Middleton shows style in boxing


Daniel Schmidton 05/17/2016 | 17:30

Duchess Kate Middleton really seems to be up to any situation – on Monday, Prince William’s wife proved that she even looks perfect in the boxing ring and can have a lot of fun too.

Duchess Kate can hit right and still shows style.

“She was charming and very gentle,” three-time boxing champion Duke McKenzie said of the British Daily Mail of Kate Middleton. On Monday, the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Prince Harry launched their new initiative “Heads Together” in London at Queen Elisabeth Olympic Park, which campaigns for victims of mental illness. And the trio quickly used the event for some training sessions and fought a little fight with professional boxer McKenzie. “He couldn’t wait to put the gloves on and he had a nasty punch,” McKenzie joked later, according to the Daily Mail. What was a boxer doing at the event, some might ask? According to world boxing champion McKenzie, this sport is a wonderful way to get rid of stress and focus better.

Kate Middleton apparently got started right away, despite her feminine outfit. In a Banana Republic print skirt and Rupert Sanderson high heels, she jumped into the fray and apparently had a lot of fun doing it. Prince Harry also dared to a small match and, according to the athlete, had the strongest blow of the trio. Prince William also donned a pair of bright red boxing gloves.

A powerful woman

In the end, Duke McKenzie praised the young royalty, but one person stood out in particular: Kate Middleton seemed to have done the right thing as a professional. Because he said, “She was better than the other two because she fights more technically.” The world boxing champion even suspected that the mother of two must have boxed earlier because she did so well.

It’s great that Kate Middleton has no reservations. Who would have thought that the mother of Prince George and Princess Charlotte looked so good in the boxing ring?

Image Source: GettyImages / AFP / Jeremy Selwyn