Kate Middleton recibe consejos de David Beckham

Kate Middleton takes advice from David Beckham

Kate Middleton takes advice from David Beckham

Everything changes!

wantedon 11/26/2014 | 12:06

Kate Middleton is currently enjoying her second pregnancy to the fullest. While the bouts of nausea slowly subside, one might think that the Duchess is now taking preparations for her next child a little easier. After all, Kate Middleton and Prince William are already seasoned parents. But it is precisely this calm that his good friend David Beckham warns the two of …

Since the birth of her first child, Prince George, in the summer of 2013, Kate Middleton has found her way into her role as mother. In public gatherings, the 32-year-old always presents herself as a caring mother who raises her son excellently. But is this calm deceptive? From the point of view of former soccer star David Beckham, who is good friends with Kate Middleton and Prince William, the impending addition to the family changes everything again. Therefore, the father of four has only one piece of advice for the two royals, as he revealed to InStyle Men magazine: “Get as much sleep as you can. If you go from one child to two, everything changes again. “

Kate Middleton is personally engaged

For Kate Middleton, however, those thoughts are still a long way off. After all, there are still plenty of dates on the show before next spring’s birth. The beautiful Duchess recently attended a charity event for the East Anglia Children’s Hospice, of which she is the sponsor. Kate Middleton also met Leigh Smith, whose daughter died after just three months from a heart defect and who later wrote a letter to the Duchess to thank the children for the work of the children’s hospice. To this, Prince William’s wife responded personally: “She wrote me a personal letter telling me what an honor it was to hear my story,” Leigh Smith told The Mirror.

Kate Middleton is moved to tears

The first personal meeting between Kate Middleton and Leigh Smith seems to have been equally emotional. “Kate looked for me and hugged me just before she left. My eyes got wet and tears were in her eyes too. She told me, ‘You are a very brave woman and I am still very sorry,’ “the 33-year-old said of her special encounter with Kate Middleton, who will continue to campaign for hospice work.

As a mother, Kate Middleton can probably empathize particularly well with Leigh Smith’s feelings. Therefore, she deserves the utmost respect that the beautiful Duchess, despite all the appointments, take the time to support her in her pain.

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