Kate Middleton: La calma antes de la tormenta

Kate Middleton: The Calm Before the Storm

Kate Middleton: The Calm Before the Storm

Nothing happens

wantedon 07/14/2013 | 13:11

Yesterday was the calculated date when Kate Middleton and Prince William’s first baby should be born. But what happened: Nothing! Now is the time to keep waiting …

On July 13, the tabloid media had calculated as the possible birth date of the first child of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Or you were completely wrong with these calculations, at least the British royal family had it never an official confirmation given this date, or royal descent just takes a little longer.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting baby

The fact is, nothing happened yesterday. For the photographers who have been in charge of the “St. Mary’s Hospital ”, meanwhile the wait for Kate Middleton’s baby will come to an end sweaty test of patience. After all, there are currently unusually high temperatures in London. Now it is highly unlikely that Kate Middleton secretly gave birth to the baby.After all, there is an official protocol that is used when Kate Middleton goes into labor, reports the “Augsburger Allgemeine.”

Kate Middleton: there is a strict protocol after giving birthAs soon as Kate Middleton goes into labor, the Duchess is rushed to St. Mary’s Hospital ”in Paddington, London. According to a spokesperson for the couple, it will be one Give notice as soon as Kate Middleton is hospitalized becomes. There will be a second when the youngsters arrive. The birth of the first child of Kate Middleton and Prince William is officially confirmed by a Birth announcement in a Gilded trestle on the gate of Buckingham Palace is published. There will also be a press release from the palace and an announcement of the birth on social media Twitter, Facebook and Co. But until then it means: keep waiting!Of course, only Kate Middleton, Prince William and their closest relatives know what is really going on. But little by little we would like to be informed about how Kate is at the moment. Maybe the baby won’t be a Sunday boy after all?Image Source: LEON NEAL / AFP / Getty Images