Kate Middleton: el verdadero secreto de su pérdida de peso

Kate Middleton: the real secret of her weight loss

Kate Middleton: the real secret of her weight loss

Shortly after birth

wantedthe 05/09/2013 | 11:46

Just a month after the birth of her son George, Kate Middleton was as slim and slim as she was before the pregnancy. There is no trace of a body after the baby far and wide. Apparently the pounds dropped on their own, it was recently said.

But this statement does not seem to be so true: this is what Kate Middleton supposedly has no diet, but with exercise helped.

Kate Middleton has always done a lot of sports

So now a friend of Kate Middleton talked about the secret about the main figure of the Duchess. Emma Sayle, Kate Middleton’s rowing partner, revealed to “Life & Style” magazine: “Kate stayed super fit during her pregnancy by running and going to the gym regularly. “

Kate Middleton: is she addicted to sports?According to acquaintances, Kate Middleton should Workout in the gym love and also a lot I have gone swimming a lot its. During her pregnancy, Kate Middleton also devoted herself to this Pilates. All of this together probably helped her regulate her weight again immediately after delivery. At the moment, the new mom is supposed to yoga and take long walks with her little Prince George. Is the duchess exaggerating? “Kate wanted to regain her old weight at all costs, but everything she does she does in moderation.Emma Sayle says.

Even before she was born, many people envied Kate Middleton’s super slim figure. Getting so skinny again soon after giving birth is almost like magic and maybe it is… of course, only in moderation!

Image source: gettyimages / WPA Pool