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Kate Middleton: this is what her little prince wants

First birthday

wantedon 07/14/2014 | 17:24

If you were to assume that Prince George has everything that makes a baby happy, you certainly wouldn’t be completely wrong. After all, it is not an empty sentence for the son of Kate Middleton and Prince William that the little bundle of joy was born with the golden spoon in its mouth. So the question of a gift that could make Prince Geoge happy on his first birthday is not in vain.

There is about a week left for guests at Prince George’s birthday party to find the perfect gift for the royal bundle of joy. While nothing is yet known about how Kate Middleton and Prince William will celebrate their offspring’s first birthday, Already, the British media are speculating wildly about what Little George and his parents are most excited about..

Kate Middleton knows what Prince George would be happy about

Kate Middleton waits something very personalreports Marcia Moodly, royal biographer, in an interview with “Now” magazine. Then it would stay an album in the first year of his life High on Mama Kate Middleton’s wish list.

Kate Middleton asks for donations

If it were up to Kate Middleton, Prince George would also like gifts from Down Under, after all, the little prince was beyond excited about the cuddly mouse he received at the Sydney Zoo. “In Australia, Kate hinted that she became obsessed with bag mice after receiving one of the stuffed animals and that she enjoyed seeing the boats,” speculates journalist Victoria Murphy. Still, Kate Middleton and Prince William weren’t looking for material things for their son’s birthday. “As with their wedding, Will and Kate asked people to donate something to charities instead of gifts,” the journalist continued.

There’s probably nothing Kate Middleton and Prince William can’t buy for their little boy, so donations rather than gifts are probably appropriate. And babies generally find the wrapping paper much more interesting than the content anyway … Image Source: Chris Jackson / Getty Images