Kate Middleton desconocida para el príncipe William

Kate Middleton unknown to Prince William


Thorsten trederthe 10/12/2015 | 11:43

Over the course of a charity event, Kate Middleton and Prince William wanted to get a pound or two out of their pockets to wealthy London runners. The duchess had come up with a very special trick: with her charm, she wrapped the merchants on the phone around her little finger in no time.

Prince William watched Kate Middleton’s actions with eagle eyes. Together they attended a charity event organized by the stock trading firm ICAP once a year. Employees wear strange attire during the event and donate their entire daily turnover to a good cause. The two royals didn’t miss this show and even picked up the phone themselves. Photos of Kate Middleton show that she had a lot of fun and apparently enjoyed talking to agents on the phone. “Ask me very nicely, Andrew,” said the mother of two over the phone and wished the person on the other side a Merry Christmas.

Prince William and Kate Middleton defend a good cause

“Catherine, I think you can stop flirting with them now,” Prince William joked after the 33-year-old hung up the phone. Addressing stockbroker Brett Lincoln, the heir to the throne confessed, “I’m sorry, my wife is completely embarrassing me.” Of course, Prince William only allowed himself one linen. He approached the phone calls himself more pragmatically: “Are you in the mood to spend today? Great, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear, ”he was heard saying over the phone.

Always available for a duel

Kate Middleton and Prince William enjoyed their time at the event to the fullest – the Duchess didn’t allow herself to be asked twice when it came to a short table tennis duel with her husband. “You’re usually not that friendly when we play together,” Prince Charles’ son joked as a result. “Or so calm,” replied the brunette beauty. The two seem to have a lot of fun away from the public and not shy away from sports competition. Who will generally come out as the winner?

We think it’s great that Kate Middleton and Prince William also like to be active to raise money for a good cause or to spread a good mood. If it was up to us, they could do it every day. Seeing this team well rehearsed is definitely never boring.

Image Source: Getty Images / Chris Jackson