Kate Middleton fue víctima del escándalo de las escuchas telefónicas

Kate Middleton was the victim of the wiretapping scandal


wantedon 05/15/2014 | 16:07

In the microphone scandal that surrounded the British tabloid “News of the World”, which was suspended in 2011, it has now emerged that a reporter did not stop at Kate Middleton’s cell phone long before she and Prince William were married. .

In 2005, Kate Middleton and Prince William were still students and a couple for just two years. However, this fact was enough for the questionable journalists of the London tabloid “News of the World”, to check Kate Middleton’s cell phone 155 times.

Kate Middleton is not amused

In the current trial over the wiretapping scandal, the reporter responsible for the British royal family, Clive Goodman, confessed that he was so until shortly before his arrest in 2007. I checked Kate Middleton’s cell phone regularly. He witnessed many private conversations between Prince William and his future wife. The heir to the throne himself was also the victim of wiretapping: unlike Kate Middleton, Prince William had to believe “only” 35 times that Prince Harry was the victim of nine wiretaps.

Kate Middleton was a media interest from the start

As a justification, the 56-year-old journalist told the British press that that no one had explicitly asked him if he had listened to members of the royal family: “I’ve always been as honest as possible about piracy, but no one has asked me questions about it.” And why was Kate Middleton so interesting to journalists in 2005? Clive Goodman said: “It has been discussed that she and Prince William should marry. It began to acquire a semi-royal status and things took their course. “Knowing that journalists have invaded the privacy of the entire family should concern Kate Middleton. Fortunately for them, the wiretapping scandal has been exposed for some time and those responsible must now be held accountable.

Image Source: Getty Images / Pool