Kate Middleton: ¿pronto colgará su retrato en el dormitorio?

Kate Middleton: Will Her Portrait Be Hanging In The Bedroom Soon?

Kate Middleton: Will Her Portrait Be Hanging In The Bedroom Soon?

Nice decoration?

wantedthe 04/06/2014 | 13:21

That Kate Middleton is a very beautiful motif for a painting is something that not only her biggest fans and her husband, Prince William, know. That is why it is not surprising that so many artists feel called to capture the beauty of the Duchess of Cambridge on their canvases. Scotsman Tom Sutton-Smith also tried his luck with a portrait of Kate Middleton and thus won the praise of Prince William.

In fact, there is already an official portrait of Kate Middleton: in 2012 the artist Paul Emsey painted the wife of Prince William on behalf of the palace and was later heavily criticized by some media for his work. For this reason, the Scotsman Tom Sutton-Smith has now tried to immortalize Kate Middleton in a painting. “When the official portrait was released, everyone who knew Tom said, ‘You can do better.’ So this was the challenge, “said colleague Glenys Andrews in an interview with” Vanity Fair. “

Kate Middleton inspires the art world

Last week, Kate Middleton and her husband saw the painting. – and at least the latter seems to have been enthusiastic about the artwork. “Wow, that’s great! I’ll hang it in my room, ”number 2 of the British line of succession is said to have said during his visit to the Andrews gallery. But in which room will Prince William hang the portrait of his wife Kate Middleton?

Kate Middleton: What do you think of the portrait?

Be it in the study, hobby room or even the shared bedroom, where exactly the Kate Middleton painting will hang in the future, Prince William apparently declined to reveal. However, it should not collect dust in the attic. After all, the Duchess herself was supposedly delighted with her portrait. “She was excited about it. She took it in her own hands and looked at it intensely, “says Glenys Andrews, describing the reactions that the image provoked in Kate Middleton.

Apparently Kate Middleton and Prince William have a new decor item for their Kensington Palace apartment. Or maybe they leave the love portrait to a museum. After all, portraits in palaces should not be lacking …Image source: © Getty Images / WPA Pool