Kate Middleton: ¿estará en la portada de Vogue?

Kate Middleton: will she be on the cover of Vogue?

Kate Middleton: will she be on the cover of Vogue?

September Edition

wantedon 02/25/2015 | 10:19

Almost every model dreams of being on the cover of American “Vogue” once in a lifetime – it’s kind of a compliment in the fashion world! But not only models get this great honor. Every once in a while, editor-in-chief Anna Wintour makes sure that particularly influential women get a spot on her famous cover. It is now said to be targeting Kate Middleton. So the Duchess will soon be a cover girl?

Kate Middleton should adorn “Vogue” …

Kate Middleton is not a model, but due to her good taste in fashion, she is regularly the focus of fashion criticism, and almost always happens with great success. It’s no coincidence that fashion mogul Anna Wintour became aware of the 33-year-old’s existence and is already forging big plans with the future mother of two. The 65-year-old “Vogue” boss is said to be a huge Kate Middleton fan according to “Radar Online” and is allegedly trying to get her to appear on the September cover of her fashion magazine, not entirely selflessly of course: “Anna knows if she wins Kate for the September issue it will be a huge blow. Especially since he has never done an article for an American publication. “

To give Kate Middleton an incentive to say “yes” to Anna Wintour, Besides fashion, the cover story is supposed to be about social engagement.. After all, the Duchess has been involved in numerous charity projects for years and is not just excited about the head of “Vogue.” Aside from the fact that Anna Wintour thinks a lot about her compatriot Kate Middleton, there are certainly also economic reasons behind the desire to put the Duchess on the cover: “In the digital age, there is even more pressure to deliver high sales figures”, explains a connoisseur of “Radar Online”. An influential woman like Kate Middleton could see the magazine achieve this goal.

Kate Middleton would have a free hand for the cover shoot

… If Anna Wintour has her way

Anna Wintour has set herself a great goal and has already thought about how she could convince Kate Middleton. Supposedly, she should even be ready to relinquish control of the shoot and give the Duchess a completely free hand to choose the photographer, journalist and venue. The future mom wouldn’t even have to leave London if she wanted to. As Anna Wintour has tried twice in vain to convince Kate Middleton to work together, she has another trick up her sleeve: “This time she goes one step further and uses her countless influential contacts.” Worth the effort!

Anna Wintour has chosen a big fish with Kate Middleton, isn’t it too heavy for your fishing pole? Even if we would be very happy if the Duchess could appear on the cover of American magazine “Vogue” in late summer, we do not think Kate Middleton is attractive. On the other hand, the beautiful Duchess is always good for a surprise …

Image Source: Getty Images / Chris Jackson; Getty Images / Vivien Killilea