Kate Middleton habría sido bien recibida por Lady Diana

Kate Middleton would have been well received by Lady Diana

Kate Middleton would have been well received by Lady Diana

Family ties

wantedon October 2, 2013 | 13:50

Kate Middleton wrapped the British around her finger in no time: People love the future queen and admire her for her great style, among other things. Kate Middleton would also have been popular with Lady Diana, her mother-in-law, a friend of Diana’s is sure of that!

She is beaming, the world bows to her good taste in fashion and, at least since the birth of Prince George, she has been at the top of the popularity list, not just among Brits – Kate Middleton has convinced everyone of herself itself. There was only one thing he couldn’t convince: his mother-in-law Lady Diana, who died in a car accident in 1997.

Now a friend of the Queen of Hearts speaks, who firmly believes that Kate Middleton would have been well received by Lady Diana. “Kate embodies what Diana always wanted,” Lana Marks told the Daily Star.[…]Diana wanted someone who was down to earth and had a strong family network so they could enjoy a normal family life. I wanted a future queen of the people, for the people, ”says Lana Marks. It seems that Prince William listened to his mother – Kate Middleton fits exactly that description.

Kate Middleton: Lady Diana wanted a daughter-in-law like her

Lana Marks also commented on the secret recordings that Lady Diana is said to have left her son, Prince William: she is said to have called him to appreciate her sons and to wish for a daughter-in-law who is “beautiful, intelligent and independent.” . Prince William got a real hit with Kate Middleton. Meanwhile, Lady Diana’s friend has no doubts about the authenticity of the recordings: “My God, I know her choice of words, the way she said things and it sounds exactly like her. I knew Diana very well during the last 18 months of her life. Diana discussed with me in detail what she wanted from William in relation to a wife, children and his future, ”said Lady Diana’s partner. It is even sadder that Lady Diana and Kate Middleton no longer had the opportunity to meet and love each other.

At the words of Lady Diana, it runs through our thorns as cold as ice. After all, it seems she predicted her son’s love for Kate Middleton. But of course, a mother also knows what is good for her own offspring: intelligent, independent, loving – this is probably the way many mothers will describe the daughters-in-law of their dreams!

Image Sources: Kate Middleton: gettyimages / Chris Jackson Lady Diana: © Bulls / National Pictures