Katherine Heigl celebró la Navidad muy cómodamente

Katherine Heigl celebrated Christmas very comfortably

Katherine Heigl celebrated Christmas very comfortably

New trend of pajamas

wantedon December 29, 2014 | 11:09

What’s so special about Christmas? The many gifts or the delicacies that lurk everywhere? None of this seems to matter to Katherine Heigl as long as her family is with her. Along with her children and her husband, Katherine Heigl has now posted a photo that couldn’t be more authentic.

Until now, we only knew Katherine Heigl in the best style

We’ve been looking forward to it for so long and now Christmas is over. What remains are a few more grams on your hips and wonderful memories of the most beautiful party of the year. Finally, relax and start the day without thinking about everyday obligations; that’s what makes Christmas so unique to Katherine Heigl. Evening dresses, makeup, and elaborate styling all have a break, because the actress’s family festival is all about her children and her husband. Katherine Heigl enjoys her free time so much that she doesn’t even have a problem with two other women wearing her outfit.

Until now we have only known Katherine Heigl as a radiant Hollywood beauty, who regularly makes the red carpets of this world shine with her smile and glamorous charisma. Away from all the hustle and bustle, she is as much of a woman as you and me, who after a long day is looking forward to putting on her sweatpants and hugging her kids. The Christmas season is of course ideal for this, which is why Katherine Heigl insisted on enjoying every second with her family and capturing the most beautiful moments with the camera.. We have never really seen this 36-year-old like this!

Katherine Heigl spent a relaxing vacation with her family

Katherine Heigl can wear stripes

Generally, women prefer to keep their hands away from horizontal stripes on clothing, but when it comes to the most comfortable pajamas, pattern plays a fairly insignificant role. This is how Katherine Heigl also sees it, who has even set a new trend with her striped pajama pants: Her two daughters, her husband and even the family dog ​​were apparently so excited about this look that they emulated Katherine Heigl and got comfortable in the cute pants.. What came out of the uniform look was a super cute photo that literally screams to get comfortable on the couch with cookies and a cup of tea.

At Christmas time, clocks always tick a little differently, so Hollywood stars like Katherine Heigl like to take a break too. Together with his loved ones, he seems to have had a nice party where relaxation and comfort came first. With so many hug alarms, it’s not just Katherine Heigl looking forward to next Christmas.

Image Source 1: Getty Images / Frederick M. Brown Image Source 2: Instagram / Katherine Heigl