Katherine Heigl ama la vida en el campo

Katherine Heigl loves country life

Katherine Heigl loves country life

Family idyll

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Professionally, Katherine Heigl is on the rise again. After all, the pretty blonde will celebrate her return to television in November with the new series “State of Affairs.” Despite this success, the actress has completely disassociated herself from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. Instead, Katherine Heigl enjoys life in the country with her little family …

Hollywood? No thanks! That’s what Katherine Heigl must have thought when she started a small family with her husband Josh Kelley and adopted little Naleigh from South Korea in 2009. Along with her loved ones, the 34-year-old said goodbye to the turbulent metropolis of Los Angeles and settled in the rural state of Utah. “We had big dreams of growing our family, moving to the mountains, and leading a more peaceful life. Utah is incredibly beautiful, the people are wonderful and friendly, traveling from Los Angeles is easy and there is no traffic, ”said Katherine Heigl in an interview with“ Good Housekeeping ”magazine, praising the advantages of her new home.

Katherine Heigl has created a family idyll

The move was so much easier for Katherine Heigl because the beauty on the screen noticed, especially in the first few weeks with her adopted daughter, how much time she was wasting on her job. “I came home angry and frustrated because I missed everything with my son that day. He couldn’t wake her from her nap, bathe her, or put her to bed. I had to sneak into her room and kiss her while she slept, hoping not to wake her, ”Katherine Heigl explained.

Katherine Heigl on Family Happiness

In the isolation of Utah, however, Katherine Heigl has finally found great family happiness. The dream of having more children has also come true: In 2012, she adopted little Adalaide, which quickly sparked enthusiasm among her older sister. “We took her home and Naleigh acted like a little mom right away. She said things like, ‘No, no. You’re holding her wrong ‘or’ She needs to eat again. ‘ I just thought, ‘Can’t you just leave me alone? Just give me a minute! ‘”Katherine Heigl reported.Katherine Heigl seems delighted in Utah. Even some actors just weren’t born for the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. It’s so much better that the former “Grey’s Anatomy” actress found the perfect solution for her.

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