Campañas de Katie Holmes para niños con cáncer

Katie Holmes campaigns for children with cancer


wantedthe 15/08/2014 | 09:59

For years he was very quiet around Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri, but now Tom Cruise’s ex is back in the spotlight. Rather than rush to work on new movies, Katie prefers to use her newfound energy to advocate for children with cancer at an American summer camp.

Katie Holmes makes herself …

Katie Holmes has loved children since she became a mother eight years ago. Especially those who are not as well as their own daughters and who have to fight cancer at a young age, which is often fatal. So it’s a point of honor for Katie Holmes to make some of them laugh at the Marvel Universe Live Gala! In New York.

And the sympathy was mutual. In images published by the magazine “OK!”, Among others, Katie Holmes can be seen playing and cuddling exuberantly with sick children.

Katie Holmes is committed to a good cause

… Strong for children with cancer

The “New York`s Sunrise Day Camp” is a summer camp especially for children with cancer who spend the summer in the company of others, have fun and just want to disconnect. Although Katie Holmes is not a skilled caregiver, she is a mother herself and immediately found a connection with children. As “OK!” Magazine reports, The 35-year-old shouldn’t have been disturbed by the bright little patients and happily continued giving interviews..

That’s how laid-back we love Katie Holmes! Amid the kids at the New York vacation camp, the 35-year-old looks more exuberant than ever. Her free time seems to have been good for the simple mother. Katie Holmes has recharged herself to dedicate herself to the really important things in life.

Image source: gettyimages / Brian Ach