Katie Price quiere congelar sus huevos

Katie Price wants to freeze her eggs

Katie Price wants to freeze her eggs

Family clan

wantedon 09/17/2014 | 12:49

On August 3, Katie Price gave birth to her fifth child, Bunny. But with the birth of her beautiful daughter, the British woman’s family planning does not seem to be over by any means. Instead, the 36-year-old wants a true extended family. Katie Price is even toying with the idea of ​​freezing her eggs.

It took a long time, but in the end young parents still succeeded: After weeks of thinking, Katie Price announced her cute daughter’s first name a few days ago. Bunny is supposed to be the name of the girl who, despite all the labor pains, has long held the model to her heart. “Once the children are in the world, everything is forgotten. You don’t forget the pain, but it doesn’t bother me, “Katie Price told OK! British magazine.”

Katie Price is not afraid of big challenges

Despite all the joy for her fifth child, the former “well fox” also has some concerns. Eventually one of her sons, Harvey, 11, goes blind due to underdevelopment of the optic nerve. Katie Price can’t completely shake off the fear that Bunny might have the disease too. “Even if everyone says they look normal, I can’t believe it. I already know that when she’s old enough to start seeing, I’ll be waving my fingers to make sure I recognize her, ”Katie Price said of her fears.

Katie Price wants an extended familyDespite these concerns, Katie Price does not want to stop her family planning after Bunny is born. Even at 36 years old, the new mom of five can still imagine one pregnancy or another and already has very concrete plans in this regard. “I will definitely get one more before I turn 40. And then another in my early forties. After that, I will freeze my eggs for the time the doctors tell me I can’t have any more children. When I grow up, I want to have lots of kids to take care of me, ”said Katie Price.

Just thinking of five children would scare some women. But Katie Price seems to have become friends with the idea of ​​forming an entire family clan. Go ahead, Katie!Image Source: © Getty Images / Tim Whitby