Katy: loca por Twitpic

Katy: crazy about Twitpic

Katy: crazy about Twitpic

Katy Perry (26) Usually we always know that they have perfect style and perfect makeup: (see photo on the left) We’ve never seen them before! Katy’s husband Russell Brand (35) Katy snapped shortly after getting up and published it in her Twitter account! Minutes later he disconnected it again – It is said that Katy was excited when she found out.

Even a few days later, Katy Perry doesn’t seem to have calmed down. According to the Daily Star, a source revealed that prankster Russell Brand now has to pull out his credit card to make up for his misstep: Katy was pissed off when Russell posted this picture of her. He ruined it and he knows it. Now she made him take out his credit card and pay for a beauty day at his favorite spa. “

What do you say? Can you understand that Katy is angry or do you find her overreaction?

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