Katy Perry celebra su aniversario

Katy Perry celebrates her anniversary

Katy Perry celebrates her anniversary

Birthday Party

wantedon October 31, 2014 | 10:24

Even superstars like Katy Perry have to put up with the fact that they are getting old. The singer has been around for 30 years and does not even think about hiding. On the contrary: Katy Perry threw a one-of-a-kind party …

Katy Perry has every reason to laugh

Most women feel cold when they think of their thirtieth birthday. Gone are the golden 20s when you had big goals. Now look back over the past few years and the question blinks: What have I really accomplished? One lady who has accomplished a lot is Katy Perry! In 2008 he hit like a bomb with “I Kissed a Girl” and since then Katy Perry has been an integral part of the charts.

If you can remember a career like Katy Perry’s so far, you will certainly celebrate your 30th birthday with less fear of old age. And that’s exactly what Starlet did now. Katy Perry had a big party in Morocco with her friends. But she didn’t just taste her birthday cake.

Katy Perry likes it spicy

Katy Perry also wanted to be a “Spice Girl” at one point

Of course, according to the “Idolator,” Katy Perry not only celebrated her birthday alongside prominent guests like Ellie Goulding in Morocco, but a bit of culture was also on the 30-year-old’s agenda. As an Instagram picture posted by Katy Perry shows, she also visited a huge spice store, which probably has everything a chef can dream of. The birthday boy appears as one thousand and one nights and is well camouflaged with a headscarf and large sunglasses. The “Spice Girl”, as Katy is called, must have enjoyed her birthday trip to the fullest.

Katy Perry has been around for 30 years and did nothing for her birthday. The excursion to the world of Morocco has come to an end, but a packet or two of spices have landed safely in Katy Perry’s travel bag.

Image 1 Source: Getty Images / Stephen Lovekin Image 2 Source: Instagram / Katy Perry